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Calls & Meetings in Microsoft Teams


Meetings in Teams are ways of collaborating, sharing content and having discussions, making use of audio, video and screen sharing.

Starting an instant meeting with a colleague

For a one-on-one meeting with a colleague, open up Teams and do the following:

  1. Navigate to the "Chat" page inside Teams.
  2. Navigate to your colleague's chat window. (If you haven't chatted with them through Teams before, you will need to click the "New chat" button.)
  3. Choose between video call, audio call and screensharing. Clicking any of these will begin the call.


Starting an instant meeting in a channel

Instant meetings in channels are best when you're expecting to talk to multiple people at once, such as in an online learning scenario. To start one of these meetings, open up Teams and do the following:

  1. Navigate to the "Teams" page inside Teams, and enter into the target team.
  2. Choose the "General" channel. Note: You can start an instant meeting from any channel in the team.
  3. Click the "Meet now" button below the conversation box.
  4. Optional: Set a subject for the meeting. (E.g. Monday Morning Roll-call)
  5. Optional: Choose to start the meeting with your webcam turned off or on.
  6. Click "Meet now" to start the meeting once you're happy with your settings.
  7. All members of the channel that you've started the meeting in will now be able to join the meeting. You can send notifications to members, asking them to join, by clicking the "Show participants" button and then clicking "Ask to join" under the "More options" button on the right hand side. Users will only show up under "Suggestions" if they are a member of the channel.mceclip6.png

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