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How to reset my SEQTA account password?


How to reset your SEQTA password is dependent on which type of login you are currently using for your schools' SEQTA portal.

There are two types of logins that can be utilised by a school currently.

  1. 'Adventist Schools Australia' User Account (Default SEQTA login type)
  2. 'Google' User Account (Additional Option - only shows for some schools)


You can reset your password by selecting the login option which is relevant to you and follow the instructions.

Adventist Schools Australia Account

Google Account (Does my schools' SEQTA portal support Google logins?)

Google Account

For a Google account, unless you can remember a previous password you have used, you will need to reach out to your local IT Support at your school to assist with a password reset.

The typical steps for Google look like below. When you select the 'Sign in with Google' button you will be directed to Google's sign-in page. Here it asks you to select or enter the username as your Google email address. Once you do this it will ask for your password. You can alternatively select 'Forgot Password?', which then checks if you can remember a previous password. If you select 'Try another way' it will likely advise you of the above which is to contact your local IT support.

Does my schools' SEQTA portal support Google logins?


Here is a list of schools that currently have the 'Sign in with Google' enabled for logging into their SEQTA portal.  


Edinburgh College
Gilson Mernda
Gilson - Taylors Hill
Hendeson College
Heritage College
Nunawading Primary School
Nunawading Secondary College
Kempsey Adventist College
Macquarie Adventist College
Tweed Valley Adventist College
Landsdale Adventist school



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  • Avatar
    PMAS Accounts

    I am trying to log onto SEQTA at Port Macquarie.
    Do not know my password.

    Can you help?

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    Good Morning,
    Could you please send an email to "helpdesk@adventist.edu.au" with the "username" that you are using to login?

    ASA Helpdesk

  • Avatar
    Mandy Leslie

    I am trying to log in to my SeQTa account for MVAC and it says that my regular password is not supported. What do I do?

  • Avatar
    Valli Chockalingam

    Hi, I am trying to login to my seqta account for Heritage College via Google login.
    I get the following error message:
    'The username v.chockalingam@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au is valid, but it doesn’t match our records. Please contact your school’s IT department.'
    Please help me!