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How do I create a strong password?


Note: There are the minimum complexity requirements that must be met when changing / resetting your ASATS user account password. These are listed in 'How to change / reset my ASATS user account password?'

Avoid choosing simple, or obvious passwords. Common ways an account is broken into is by guessing commonly used passwords. To mitigate this, we mandate minimum complexity requirements for your password.

In general a strong password does not necessarily mean a hard to remember password.

Here is a resource about how to make easy to remember long passwords.  We like their example of "We Have No Bananas" https://securityinabox.org/en/guide/passwords/

A little effort to make the password more complex goes a very long way. Increasing the length of a password even just by a few characters, or by adding numbers or special characters, makes it much more difficult to crack.

For demonstrative purposes, the table below, which is an example in the link above, shows how much longer it may take a hacker to break a list of progressively more complex passwords by trying different combinations of the password one after another.

Sample password

Time to crack with an everyday computer

Time to crack with a very fast computer

Meets the complexity requirements for passwords


Less than 1 day

Less than 1 day



2 days

Less than 1 day



3 months, 14 days

Less than 1 day



3 centuries, 4 decades

1 month, 26 days


We Have No Bananas

19151466 centuries

3990 centuries


W3 H4v3 N0 B4n4n45

20210213722742 centuries

4210461192 centuries

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